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For Members

There are no fees or obligations to use this card. This card can help you save on many medications at many U.S. pharmacies. If your pharmacist is unable to process your card for any reason, please have them call 1‑844‑863‑1305.

For The Pharmacist

Thank you for taking the time to help this customer save on their prescription drugs at your pharmacy. Our Prescription Discount Card is administered by Careington International Corporation.

If you have any questions about how to apply the information for the customer's discount, please call 1‑844‑863‑1305. Additionally, please check to see whether the customer has health insurance and their co-pay ends up being cheaper than this card. Our goal is to find the absolute best price for the customer, even if it means not using our card!

Complaint Resolution Procedure

Except as otherwise required by applicable state law, the following is the Program's resolution procedure:

If for any reason you become dissatisfied with the level of service provided by the Program, you may contact our Customer Service Department, toll-free, at: 800‑441‑0380.

The Program's cardholders always have the option of filing a complaint or asking any question in writing. Please address your inquiries to:

Prescription Discount Program
c/o Careington International Corporation
7400 Gaylord Parkway
Frisco, TX 75034

When submitting your inquiry please include the following: